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Będzin is located in the north eastern part of the Silesia Province, on the Silesia Uplands and  belongs to the oldest towns of Lesser Poland and the Silesia Province. It has very rich history and is famous for the 14th-century castle towering majestically over the town at the Czarna Przemsza river. Inside the castle one can visit the Zagłębie Museum with a rich collection of weapon and armour and learn about the history of Będzin and region. In 2016 the castle was placed in the National Geographic TOP 10 of the most beautiful castles in Poland.

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Czestochowa is one of the most recognizable Polish cities, being the spiritual capital city of Poland, which means 800 years of history and tradition. The Pauline Fathers’ Monastery in Jasna Góra is known worldwide; the sanctuary is visited annually by four million pilgrims from eight countries. A worldwide phenomenon are hiking pilgrimages, with which over two hundred thousand people come to the city during the year.

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Gliwice is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Upper Silesia. Rich history of the city, interesting architecture and differentiated cultural, sports and recreational life make the city not only a perfect place for living, but also a popular tourist destination. 

Gliwice is a city which has ones of the best traffic connections in Poland. This is the place where the A1 and A4 motorways intersect. A lot of cities in the Upper Silesian urban area can be reached by the Cross Regional Highway. The largest inland port in Poland is also located in Gliwice, and getting to the Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice, one of the largest Polish airports, takes 20 minutes. Gliwice is also an important academic, scientific and industrial centre – qualified staff pushes up the city’s position in innovativeness and dynamic development rankings.

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Katowice is the capital of Silesian Province with  over 4,5 M  inhabitants and the central city of Katowice Agglomeration with almost 2 M people. Moreover since 1st of July 2017 Katowice is the capital of the metropolis with over 2,2 M people, consisting of  41 cities and municipalities. The metropolis was established to jointly promote,  invest and compete with other regions.

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The city of Rybnik is located in Upper Silesia, deeply rooted in region’s tradition, but also drawing from the achievements of present time. This is the place where the most modern solutions correspond with historical buildings, the industry coexists with the greenery and comprehensive development respects universal values. This is the space for activity, new opportunities, promising perspectives and diverse possibilities. Above all – this is a good place to live, work and relax.

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Sosnowiec is a cultural borderland – in its over-a-century-long history, the city has witnessed coexistence of various nationalities, which has contributed richness and variety of life to the city landscape and created a unique and colorful socio-cultural mosaic.

Over the decades the city has experienced many twists of fate. When in June 1902 Sosnowiec was granted the municipal rights, its territory was just 19 km and it had only 60 thousand inhabitants. Nevertheless, we need to bear in mind that the city history began a few centuries earlier.

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Zawiercie is a city of interesting perspectives for the development of business and tourism. Favourable geographical location in the heart of Kraków-Częstochowa Upland as well as the proximity of Silesian Agglomeration have a positive influence on the economic development of this centre. National highway number 78 passes through the city, connecting the Silesia region with Świętokrzyskie voivodeship, while A1 fast highway is situated at the distance of only 16 km from Zawiercie. Convenient communication by car and by train as well as the proximity of Katowice-Pyrzowice International Airport constitute the advantage of the city of Zawiercie influencing economic development of the city, which have prepared, especially for new investors, the Economic Activity Zone. 

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