About us

"Pro Silesia" is an initiative of the authorities of Silesia Region that aims to expand the areas of cooperation between different sectors. It brings together entities representing business and its environment as well as regional and local governments and higher education institutions. Our main goal is to create an efficient intersectorial partnership, to develop the international activity of the associated entities and to represent and promote the interests of our members in Poland and abroad. Furthermore, the Association by its actions, supports the sustainable development of our Region.

Pillar of our activities


Silesia Region

Capital: Katowice
Area: 12 334 km²
Population: 4 635 000
Administrative division:  1 Silesia Metropolia, 36 districts (17 rural and 19 municipal districts), 167 communes (49 cities, 22 urban-rural and 96 rural communes), 71 communities have municipal rights.